Revitalising 365Games: A Case Study on Strategic Rebranding and Website Overhaul Leading to a 46% Increase in Orders

365games and Purple Space Case Study


Founded in 2007, quickly established itself as a leading online retailer in the UK, specialising in video games, board games, and a variety of entertainment products. With a passion for gaming and a commitment to providing excellent customer service, the company grew its product range to include not just games, but also related merchandise, electronics, and collectibles.

Despite a strong customer base and a diverse product catalog, faced increased competition in the rapidly evolving e-commerce landscape. The challenge was not just about staying relevant but also standing out in a market crowded with similar offerings. They recognised the need to differentiate themselves through a stronger brand identity and a more user-friendly online experience.

Prior to the rebranding and website redesign by Purple Space Digital,’s online presence was functional yet lacked the modern appeal and user engagement necessary to captivate and retain a diverse, tech-savvy audience. The website’s user interface and overall aesthetic did not fully reflect the brand’s dynamic and entertaining nature, which is essential in the gaming and entertainment retail sector.

In this context, Purple Space Digital was tasked with not only updating the visual and functional aspects of the website but also reinvigorating the brand to resonate with current and new customers. The goal was to transform into a more vibrant, engaging, and user-centric online destination, ultimately driving increased sales and enhancing customer loyalty.

Approach & Implementation

Purple Space Digital adopted a comprehensive and multi-faceted approach to transform’s brand and online presence. Our strategy was to create a cohesive and engaging customer experience, from first interaction to post-purchase. The implementation was carried out in several key stages:

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1. Strategic Planning and Research

Our initial step involved in-depth market research, competitor analysis, and customer behavior studies. We aimed to understand the gaming and entertainment market’s nuances, identify gaps in’s current strategy, and pinpoint opportunities for differentiation. This phase was crucial in informing our subsequent actions.

2. Rebranding for Market Relevance

Visual Identity Overhaul: We developed a new visual identity that reflected the dynamism and excitement of the gaming world. This included a modernised logo, a vibrant color palette, and engaging graphics, all of which aimed to make the brand more relatable and memorable.

Brand Messaging and Voice: The brand messaging was redefined to resonate with the target demographic. We crafted a narrative that spoke directly to gamers’ passions, creating a brand voice that was both authentic and appealing.

3. Website Redesign for Enhanced User Experience website screenshot

User Interface (UI) Enhancement: The website’s interface was completely redesigned to align with the new brand identity. This included intuitive navigation, visually appealing layouts, and interactive elements to engage users.

User Experience (UX) Optimisation: We focused on creating a seamless and enjoyable browsing experience. This involved streamlining the purchasing process, improving page loading times, and ensuring the website was responsive across all devices.

Content Strategy Revamp: Our team developed a new content strategy to enhance user engagement. This included rich product descriptions, engaging blog posts, and multimedia content that highlighted the latest in gaming and entertainment.

4. Technical Improvements and SEO Optimisation

Backend improvements were implemented to enhance website performance and security. We also optimised the website for search engines (SEO), ensuring higher visibility and organic traffic.

5. Digital Marketing and Engagement Strategies

Special Offers 365games

Social Media Campaigns: We launched targeted social media campaigns to reach wider audiences, engage with the community, and drive traffic to the new website.

Email Marketing Initiatives: Customized email marketing strategies were used to keep customers informed about new releases, special offers, and relevant content.

6. Continuous Analysis and Iteration:

Post-launch, we continued to monitor the website’s performance, gather user feedback, and make iterative improvements. This ensured that the website and marketing strategies remained effective and relevant.


The comprehensive rebranding and website overhaul undertaken by Purple Space Digital for yielded significant and measurable results. Our strategic approach translated into concrete achievements, marking a new era of growth and market presence for the client.

Increased Sales and Order Volume

The most notable outcome was a 46% increase in orders, a direct indicator of the project’s success. There was also a notable rise in average order value, reflecting enhanced customer engagement and trust in the brand.

Improved Website Performance and User Engagement

Post-redesign, the website experienced a substantial decrease in bounce rate, indicating that visitors were more engaged with the content and layout. The site’s improved loading time and responsiveness contributed to a better user experience, positively impacting customer retention and conversion rates.

Enhanced Brand Perception

Customer feedback post-rebranding was overwhelmingly positive, with many highlighting the ease of navigation and the appealing new aesthetic of the website. The refreshed brand identity resonated well with the target audience, as reflected in increased social media engagement and positive sentiment in customer reviews and surveys.

Long-Term Business Impact

Beyond the immediate metrics, the project laid a foundation for sustainable growth and market competitiveness. The client reported increased confidence in their online presence, with a stronger platform to launch new products and engage with customers.


The collaboration between Purple Space Digital and stands as a benchmark in strategic rebranding and website redesign. This project was not just about aesthetic enhancement; it was a comprehensive transformation aimed at driving business growth and elevating the brand’s market position.

Key Achievements:

  • The remarkable 46% increase in orders post-rebrand and redesign is a testament to the effectiveness of our tailored strategies and execution.
  • The enhanced website, with its improved user experience and functionality, has set a new standard for, significantly elevating the customer journey and satisfaction.
  • The successful rebranding has not only refreshed the brand’s image but has also resonated powerfully with both existing and new customers, as evidenced by positive feedback and increased engagement.


This project exemplifies how a thoughtful, data-driven approach to digital marketing and web design can yield substantial results. The rise in sales, improved website metrics, and enhanced brand perception are clear indicators of the project’s success.

Looking Forward:

The journey doesn’t end here. Purple Space Digital remains committed to continuously evolving and adapting strategies to keep at the forefront of its market. The foundation laid through this project paves the way for further innovation and growth, ensuring that not only maintains its newfound market position but continues to thrive in an ever-changing digital landscape.

In conclusion, the successful rebranding and website overhaul for by Purple Space Digital showcases our dedication to excellence and our ability to deliver impactful results. This case study vividly illustrates how strategic digital marketing interventions can drive significant business growth and strengthen a brand’s presence in a competitive market.

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